Wallstreet Crime: Many believe that Citadel CEO Kenneth Cordelle Griffin committed perjury in a recent congressional hearing

Online tech giants Twitter & Google are thought by many to be in collusion with guilty parties

In January of 2021, the now famous stocks GME (ticker, GameStop) and AMC (ticker, AMC Theatres) each underwent a rare and explosive movement in price driven by excessive shorting, otherwise known as a ‘short squeeze’.

In what seemed like a rare win for retail investors, the stock prices of GME and AMC soared higher thanĀ  ever before. Many investors thought they were off to the races, that is until brokers such as Robinhood halted buying of the stocks, thus stopping the short squeezes in their tracks and robbing investors the world over in the process.

Following the incident, Citadel LLC CEO Ken Griffin (among others) was called to give testimony in front of the US house committee. During the hearing, U.S. representative Juan Vargas asked Mr Griffin, under oath, whether he or anyone under him had any communication with Robinhood prior to the halts on trading.

In Mr Griffin’s own words – “Let me be perfectly clear, absolutely not”.

Video: See the moment Mr Griffin was asked about his collusion with Robinhood

Though Mr Griffin seemed very confident in his response at the time of the hearing, images of email and Slack communications have since emerged which appear to show conversations between various Citadel and Robinhood staff, most notably Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev.

One such screenshot shows Mr Tenev requesting a meeting with Mr Griffin:

Pictured: A screenshot which appears to show a conversation between Robinhood CEO and one of his co-workers, discussing an upcoming call with Citadel

Another screenshot seems to suggest that Robinhood and Citadel had a direct conversation regarding the situation with AMC and GME:

Pictured: A screenshot which suggests communications between Citadel and Robinhood

It is important to note that the absolute credibility of these screenshots has not yet been confirmed, though they appear to have originated from official court documents.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Mr Griffin will face any official legal recourse as a result of these allegations, it is clear that many people already feel there are reasonable grounds to believe Mr Griffin has committed perjury.

Citadel Silencing The Truth?

Griffinlied.com Targeted By Silicon Valley Lawyers

The owner of griffinlied.com recently received a ‘Trademark Infringement Complaint’, via cloudflare, from a Silicon Valley based attorney. In the interests of cooperation, we have decided to remove our satirical logo, though we do not agree that it in any way infringed upon the trademark of Citadel LLC, as reported in the complaint.

The previous satirical logo for this website was wholly original and used no third-party assets, griffinlied.com are able to prove this as we have access to the original source files of the artwork.

Upon hearing of the news of these legal threats, many people immediately believe it to be proof of large corporations desperately trying to silence those who are reporting on the alleged perjury committed by Mr Griffin.

While this theory cannot be confirmed, many point out the strange request included in this complaint to remove all domains relating to this site, rather than simply requesting that the offending materials themselves be removed from the site.

Image showing a report from Silicon Valley attorneys
Report received from Cloudflare, originating from Silicon Valley IP Attorneys

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